How to Book a Photo Shoot at Clark Ferrea and Zinc House Farm

Photography fees go toward offsetting costs related to the workshops and Zinc House Farm Kids’ Days. We’ve partnered with Ecologi, a not-for-profit climate platform that facilitates the funding of carbon reduction projects and tree planting around the world. For every paid photo shoot, we will donate to Ecologi to plant a tree.

To ensure you (and our guests) can enjoy the best photoshoot possible, please be sure to follow our photography guidelines (below).

General Photography

  • General Photography refers to visitors taking amateur photos. They can be individual pictures or quick, very small group photographs.
  • These types of photos are permitted during the Farm’s operating hours.
  • Please note: Amateur photographers and artists may not use their Farm photos for any commercial use unless approved by and credited to Zinc House Farm.
  • 1 Hour: Clark Ferrea Wine Club Members: $25 / Non-member $50
  • 2 Hour: Clark Ferrea Wine Club Members: $50 / Non- Member $100

Professional Photography

  • Professional Photography refers to a photo session with a professional Photographer for a special occasion such as a wedding, engagement, or formal family photo.
  • Please inquire for specific rental hours.
  • 1 Hour: Clark Ferrea Wine Club Members: $25 / Non-member $50
  • 2 Hour: Clark Ferrea Wine Club Members: $50 / Non- Member $100

Commercial Photography

  • Commercial use refers to any photography for public distribution and/or sale. It includes but is not limited to the following: catalog shoots, advertising agencies, social media groups, public relations firms, marketing groups, and other professional groups shooting photography for use in display advertising, television and electronic commercials, brochures, product literature, etc.
  • Please inquire for specific rental hours.
  • Fashion/ Product/ Photo Shoots – Flat fee of $1,000. Please inquire for specific rental hours.

Photography Guidelines

To ensure a positive experience for you, while maintaining a pleasant experience for our many guests and visitors, please be aware of the rules and guidelines outlined below:

  • Courtesy to Farm visitors must be observed by all photographers and their clients at all times.
  • All aspects of a photo shoot must remain on the arbors, pathways, and open areas at all times. No person may walk, pose, or set up photography equipment except on such areas.
  • Obstruction of Farm paths should be as limited as possible to allow for visitors to pass through. If obstruction is unavoidable limit the timeframe to 15 minutes.
  • The Farm will not accept deliveries or be responsible for any personal property belonging to photographer or photographer’s client(s).
  • Dressing rooms are not available at the Farm. Restrooms should not be used as a dressing room.
  • Climbing of trees and walking into shrubbery or plant communities is forbidden.
  • Tieback of foliage must be approved and done by an ZHF Farmer. Under no circumstances are guest allowed to alter plant foliage.
  • No decorations, temporary fixtures, or other objects may be affixed to plants, trees, woodwork, buildings, or any architectural feature unless specifically approved in advance by Zinc House Farm.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the Farm under any circumstances.
  • Fireworks of any kind or any open flame devices are prohibited.
  • Excessive noise or other objectionable behavior that hinders other visitors’ enjoyment of the Farm is prohibited.
  • Zinc House Farm is not responsible for lost, mislaid or stolen property.
  • All guest/participants must exit the Farm shortly after sunset.
  • The Farm reserves the right to monitor a photo shoot to ensure compliance with these policies.


In the event of rain, the photographer may choose to reschedule or cancel the shoot. If cancelled due to weather all fees will be refunded. Zinc House Farm reserves the right to cancel any photoshoot reservation in case of emergency or Farm operational situation, as determined by the Event Coordinator. In such case, all fees will be refunded.

Photography Session Request

We are delighted to know that you are interested in having your photo shoot at Zinc House Farm. Please be sure to review our Photography Guidelines above. Photo sessions must be made at least one week in advance. Advanced reservations are required for all photo sessions on our premises.* This includes all photo shoots in which pictures of another person or props are being taken on our property. Photos of the plants in the Farm are allowed for personal use. All unauthorized photo shoots are prohibited.

We limit photography sessions to only 1 reservation per 1- or 2-hour session.
We will happily reschedule your photoshoot if the request is made within 24 hours of your scheduled shoot. Fees are non-refundable.

*Our premises include: The Farm, Winery, Store, Arbor, Plaza, parking lot, and plant beds outside our front entrance.