About Clark Ferrea

Step into a distinct winery experience rooted in a legacy that spans generations and thrives on the fertile soils of California. Here at Clark Ferrea, the timeless tales of the land meet modern viticulture, as we craft remarkable wines while honoring our past.

historic image of Original Zinc House Farm Barn-style building.

From Family Roots to a Sustainable Future

Nestled within the expanse of Zinc House Farm, Clark Ferrea stands as a tribute to the deep historical roots of this fertile land. This piece of California was a bustling hub during the Gold Rush era, serving as a crucial stopping point for miners and travelers.

Over the years, our farm has evolved, mirroring the changing agricultural landscape while maintaining an unwavering commitment to sustainable farming. From a humble family farm, we have grown into a dynamic, innovative space that cultivates creativity, nurtures ideas, and builds strong community ties.

Today, we’ve transformed this historic land into a sanctuary for fine wines and agriculture. We pay homage to the vibrant history of Zinc House Farm while forging a new chapter for Clark Ferrea.

1970s photo of Carol, Michael, Paul, and Brian as teenagers

Our Fearless Founders

Meet the Franzia Family: a team of four tenacious siblings—Carol, Michael, Paul, and Brian—who have taken up the reins of this family endeavor with unmatched dedication. Our co-founder Carol, a UC Davis graduate, skillfully oversees winemaking. Michael takes the lead on finance and operations, while Paul’s engineering prowess is shaping our state-of-the-art facility. Brian, our in-house agriculture expert, ensures the well-being of our vineyards and orchards. Each sibling plays a pivotal role in bringing the dream of Clark Ferrea to life.

Photo overlooking Joshua's Starry Night Vineyard with vines in the foreground and Central Coast mountains in the background

True to the Land, True to Our Heritage

Each bottle of Clark Ferrea wine is an expression of the land we love so much. With the Franzia family’s combined experience of over 100 years in the California wine industry, we are experts in creating wines that reflect the unique characteristics of our terroir. Visitors to Clark Ferrea will be transported through the history and craftsmanship that make our wines truly special.

extreme close up of California Poppies

Exploring Sustainable Practices Through Engaging Experiences

At the heart of Clark Ferrea is a commitment to sustainability, community, and craftsmanship. We strive to create a future-proof legacy that prioritizes environmental responsibility. With a state-of-the-art facility that surpasses environmental regulations, we are laying the foundation for a sustainable relationship with the earth and our community.

panoramic photo of gardeners working in a field of poppies at zinc house farm, with cloudy sky overhead
jar of fig jam with cut and whole figs in frame